Our Story

Since our opening in 1978, LaRae’s Dance Unlimited has offered dance training of the highest quality. Students learn and grow in the diciplines of Tap , Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, and Irish Celtic Step-dance in the tradition of  Riverdance. The standards of the school are reflected in the outstanding achievements of the students who have studied with the school. We take pride in our students who have made auditions for the Ballet West Nutcracker, won positions in school as cheerleaders, drill teams and dance teams. We are very proud of our former students who are currently on dance scholarships or who are working in the field of performing arts.


The school demands the best of each student, expecting that each student work to his or her highest potential. In return, the school gives the care and attention each student deserves. We hope to promote artistic and personal expression and development.


We offer training in Ballet, Tap, Irish Step Dance, and Jazz. While based in the tradition of the art-form, our school is progressive in keeping up with new trends. The heart of the school is based on discipline and technique. We choose to provide performing opportunities instead of dance competitions.


The school is owned and directed by LaRae R. Thackeray. Having 35 years in dance and teaching experience, LaRae will be personally involved with each class. LaRae’s Dance Unlimited will offer guest teachers through out the year along with workshops to give students a broader training.

School Policy:

All students must be registered to participate in classes. Please fill out a registration form. Upon registration, a non-refundable fee of $15.00 per family is due, along with the first month’s tuition.


After the l0th of the month tuition is considered late and a $15.00 late fee will be charged. All tuition is charged on a per month basis and includes a discount. Students who pay for single class will be charged $9.50 for a 1 hour class, $15.00 for a 1 ½ hour class, and $20.00 for a 2 hour class. A private class is $30.00 per hour. All fees can be placed in the payment box in the lobby and are due before class.

Students not current in their tuition account, will not be allowed to take class.

All return checks will be charged a handling fee of $25.00.

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Please call and notify the school if your dancer is not attending. If possible, a make-up class will be offered for absences due to illness or emergency. In case of emergency or illness, you will be allowed a make-up class if excused in advance. Make-up lessons are only possible if space is available in another class or if there is another class learning the same material. Unexcused absences will retard the growth and progress of the student as well as the class. Excessive absences will result in dismissal from the school.

Students enrolled in Pointe and Jazz classes must enroll in a ballet technique class. Because dance is a disciplined art form, students who are late to class will not be able to participate if they have missed the warm-up. Students are expected to be respectful of other students and their instructors while in class. For the benefit of the other students, disruptive students and parents will be dismissed from the school and they will not be given a tuition refund.

Prompt pick-up of your child will ensure his/her safety. Students must remain inside for rides. (Parents later than 15 minutes will be charged a baby-sitting fee of $5.00 for every 5 minutes they are late. Please drop off and pick up students in the rear of the studio. Due to changes at our building, we ask you to park in designated parking spaces only.

Do not park next to the building or block any building entrance.

Parents and visitors are welcome to watch as long as they do not disrupt the class in progress. Only dancers are permitted in the dance studio. Please remember that gum, food and drinks are not allowed in the dance area.

The studio telephone is only for emergency use. Please do not tie it up with personal calls.

In cases of severe weather, please call ahead to see if class has been canceled.

We will observe the following holidays and will be closed: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas through New Year’s Day, Human Rights Day, Presidents Day, and Easter Holiday.

LaRae’s Dance Unlimited is a dance school with a performing emphasis’ therefore, all enrolled dance students, (except the Adult open class), are expected to participate in the December and spring concerts. The Christmas show is scheduled for December  19, 2016. The spring concert will be held at the Peery’s Egyptian theater on Saturday May 20, 2016.

Technical dress rehearsal is one week prior to each show. The full dress rehearsal for all dancers will be at the Peery’s Egyptian theater on Friday, May 19, 2017. All dancers must attend all technical and full dress rehearsals in order to perform in the concerts. The December show requires a performing fee of $20.00 per family and the spring show is $30.00 per family. (We choose to charge a fee instead of tickets at the door). Class pictures will be offered in the spring prior to the spring concert for all dancers. Picture day is an important part of the show and all dancers must attend. Students from the school may have opportunities to perform in the community throughout the year. Dance Workshops will be made available and will be posted in the lobby. Performances are an important part of dance training and bring many rewarding experiences for the dancers. CELTIC BEAT, TAPCO are considered performing company classes. Show dates are subject to change